What We Offer?

What We Offer You Is Peace Of Mind

Credit Repair is a service that we offer because we believe in giving people the fair credit chances that they deserve. We believe in freedom, and in the ability for each person to have more than one chance to fix themselves.

Each level of credit repair offers you the same service. We start with a phone call, then we check your report against the three credit reporting bureaus and we remove false statments. We then go on to make sure that your report also includes other items that are often times negated. For instance, we offer you the ability to have your slate free and clear.

We can help you today with a free consultation.

How much does it cost?

Each client is different, as each credit report is different. Some take a little more work than others and others are just quick fixes. Because it is a case by case evaluation, we cannot give you a standard rate. However, we can say that our clients are 100% satisfied and if they are not-we give them their money back within a 6 month period. It’s the most honest way to be, and we are honest.

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