Learn Why You Cannot Beat It On Your Own

Bad Credit Hurts You

The fact of the matter is this-your credit is in need of repair or you would never have been here in the first place. Information is out there on how to supposedly DIY and fix your own credit but can you really?

Bad Credit is ¬†defined as a person who has a high credit risk. Each risk is individually determined by the lender, and that lender might differ from another on what is acceptable. If your score is less than 560 then it’s a bad credit score. That’s the general idea behind scores.¬†

Lenders use your credit report and your scores to assume your level of credit risk, The lower your score, the more risky the feel of lending ot you is and it tends to be at a really high interest rate when they do lend to you at all. Having a bad credit score means that the lenders will consider you to be a high credit risk and that you will in turn suffer. There are a number of other entities as well that your credit history becomes important t00.

Did you know that employers will look into your credit report, insurance companies, landlords? All of them will take a look at your credit score, and if bad credit is on there, they will use it against you. Bad credit will cause you to loose a mortgage, a house, a place to live! Bad credit will cause your insurance to go up, and it will impact most aspects of your life. For many people the label is largely undeserved, but this is not a forgiving idea.

We Dispute The Questions on Your Credit Report

We know that there have been thousands of people who have been denied loans because their credit reports show that they have questionable cerdit. In fact, the information on your credit reports are giving people the wrong impression of who you are.

We are here to help you! In fact, we will evaluate your credit report and let you know what we see immediately after you contact us for your FREE consultation. There is nothing better than free and we know it!

Fortune Credit Repair is there to help you in the local New York area. We are here to help you become the person that you always wanted to be. The free person that is always looking for the next opportunity to advance themselves in life. Having bad credit is label you simply cannot afford to live with. We help people legally remove illegitimate claims on their credit reports and we are here to help remove charge offs and more.

Collection can cause your reports to become confusing, but no worries, we have it all ready for you and you have to see that. Immediately following your call we will set up an action nplabn for your. This plan will get you the services you need immediatly. We want you to be happy, live the life you are supposed to live and get where you want to go in life. It’s just that simple.

New York locals are already flocking here, and we want you to come to us as well.